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Wow, the error page in Ubuntu website is definitively too funny! Well it seems that guys does not take themselves too seriously, which is a really good thing. Long life to open source software! :-)

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This page does not exist.

Well, obviously this page exists. But the page you requested does not exist. This page is just here to tell you that the page you requested does not exist.

You can use the search box above to find what you need. Or you can make a fresh start at the Ubuntu home page.




Mark Shuttleworth talks Project Harmony, Unity, Windicators and more

I do love the kubuntu community, and spend what some would consider an unreasonable amount on doing certain things twice but there is no philanthropic benefit to having TWO free desktops out there, that won’t help more folks embrace free software neither is there much commercial benefit in having two free desktops.

Great interview with Mark Shuttleworth, spanning a great range of related topics (from Kubuntu to Canonical and business models, not disregarding interesting motivational considerations… “Anyway, what matters to me is that our users are delighted”)

Posted via email from Signal 2 Noise reveals iLife upgrade, reaffirms MacBook Air refresh ..

A little bit of URL manipulation has revealed separate forums for a new iMovie ’11, iPhoto ’11, and GarageBand ’11, all three of which are core components of the iLife suite, leading us to go ahead and presume that Steve Jobs will be discussing an iLife ’11 later today.

Yes, the fact that Apple follow a “closed” business model gave us this environment, in which “fans” are forced to run after deep investigations in order to understand what’s going to happen next. I understand that it’s a part of Apple strategy, as a whole (and I am an Apple customers too).

Anyway I can’t help but notice the difference with the Ubuntu roadmap.. in which you’re not forced to run after unconfirmed rumors, but you find all under the Sun…

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GNOME 3 and KDE 4…

Interesting point of view about the developement of GNOME, in comparision with the fate of KDE4 …

GNOME will emphasize simplicity, ease-of-use, and understated modernity over flashiness and over-the-top effects. KDE will be the way forward for ultimate customization, web-connected computing through Plasmoid widgets, and flashy desktop effects (as well as tools for power-users, like Dolphin/Konqueror vs. Nautilus, Okular vs. Evince, Kate vs. Gedit, etc.).Read more at

KDE 4.5 is here…

Admittedly, I am a Gnome / Mac OS X person from a good amount of time. Nevertheless, when I look at these screenshot, I am taken by a strange desire, namely, to test KDE again… 😉

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KDE, an international Free Software community, is happy to announce the immediate availability of the KDE Applications 4.5. Be it the high-quality games, educational and productivity software or the useful tools, these applications have become more powerful, yet easier to use.

Mathematical, text-editing and entertainment applications

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Really high mass star …

I really prefer low mass stars.. in which they can shine for a much longer time! (Image credits: ESO)

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A 300 Solar Mass Star Uncovered

Using a combination of instruments on ESO’s Very Large Telescope, astronomers have discovered the most massive stars to date, one weighing at birth more than 300 times the mass of the Sun, or twice as much as the currently accepted limit of 150 solar masses. The existence of these monsters — millions of times more luminous than the Sun, losing weight through very powerful winds — may provide an answer to the question “how massive can stars be?”