Wow I just discovered that Apple OS X update is available and is FREE. That’s simply great 🙂


Testing browsers on Mac OS X

From a quick and (admittedly) naive comparison between Firefox 3.6.11, Chrome 7.0.517.41 and Opera 11.00 alpha (all loading the same page), it seems clear that Firefox is still the most hungry of memory…

…anyway I'm too addicted to its extensions, to get rid of it! 😉

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Official Google Mac Blog: Google Chrome for Mac goes beta!

I recently installed Chrome on my Mac, and I have to say that it starts really fast (detectably faster than Firefox, for sure…) I still can’t adopt it as main browser, since I’m too addicted to Firefox extensions (and at the moment nothing can beat the wonderful extensions system of that browser).

However, extensions are growing also for Chrome. Let’s wait and see. If I’d have a good extensions for blog posting, as Scribfire, just to start… 😉

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