KDE November Updates

Yesterday the KDE team announced the release of a series of updates concerning the Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, KDE Applications and KDE Platforms. In my humble opinion, this excellent desktop environment, notwithstanding its greatness, do suffer a lot for the minor attention that Canonical – which maintain Ubuntu, the most diffused linux distribution – deserve to it, in respect to Gnome (i.e., Kubuntu is clearly not as much developed as Ubuntu). Even if, also Gnome team is somewhat angry with Ubuntu, given the programmed switch to Unity Desktop….


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Linux Mint 9 KDE

Linux Mint is surely one of the most interesting distribution for an average desktop user. It’s surely user friendly and multimedia oriented (media codecs are included so you can play music and consume other media “out of the box”). Welcome Isadora ! 😉

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“The Linux Mint development team have issued the KDE Edition of version 9 of their Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, code named “Isadora”. Linux Mint aims to be user friendly and to provide a more complete out-of-the-box experience by including support for DVD playback, Java, and various plug-ins and media codecs…”

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Amarok “Clear Light” released

Amarok is definitely a great player for linux. This wonderful software just reached version 2.3.0, code-named Clear Light (which, being a fan of Mike Oldfield, makes me immediately think of this music, like Amarok that obviously makes me think of this wonderful disc. ..).

Anyway, at the risk of alienating a good portion of my (limited) audience, I’d venture to say (also following a commentary that appear belows the video presentation on Youtube) that Amarok is perhaps not yet at the level of competing on equal terms with well known player for other operating systems such as iTunes.

That said, it also worth to say that it is still a complete and rather powerful software: certainly for KDE users it represents  a great and rewarding choice, that can contribute greatly in making the desktop environment more comfortable, also in terms of management of a user’s collection of audio files (as well as Internet radio and podcasts, which in passing is a recently reinforced section)

The video itself is quite pretty and the accompaining music is itself really enjoyable .. which is surely a good think, for a multimedia player presentation! 😉

Exploring New Nepomuk Features in Mandriva Linux 2010 | KDE.news

Interesting and detailed article on Nepomuk, the semantic desktop technology that is already part of the KDE platform: two of the “driving forces” behind the project, explain the Nepomuk features and also those that have already been introduced in Mandriva Linux 2010. One of the many signs of tight connection between Open Source and innovation…

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KDE – KDE 4.3.2 Caizen Release Announcement

“The KDE community has fixed over 10,000 bugs and implemented almost 2,000 feature requests in the last 6 months. Close to 63,000 changes were checked in by a little under 700 contributors…”
These are numbers quite impressive 😉

Overall, I think that both Gnome and KDE have reached a really good level of maturation. Linux on desktop is getting every day a more robust and realiable option…