Testing browsers on Mac OS X

From a quick and (admittedly) naive comparison between Firefox 3.6.11, Chrome 7.0.517.41 and Opera 11.00 alpha (all loading the same page), it seems clear that Firefox is still the most hungry of memory…

…anyway I'm too addicted to its extensions, to get rid of it! 😉

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Lucid moves to Yahoo! as Firefox search provider

I’m not sure if it’s already well known, in the community of Ubuntu lowers. Anyway, I just discovered it today: namely, the Firefox default page in the next release of Ubuntu (10.04, code name “Lucid Lynx”) is already online, and it features a search box that it’s not more provided by Google, but instead by Yahoo!
Here is the screenshot of the Firefox default start page in the current Ubuntu release:

If you open Firefox in  a brand new Ubuntu 9.04, here is what you get…

To switch to the page of the next Ubuntu, you simply have to change the following URL:


to this easily guessed URL:


and you’ll be greeted with the following webpage:

Next Ubuntu default Firefox page…

Update: I’ve found the post that talks about the change of default search provider, on the Ubuntu developers list. I easily stumbled upon the page after a quick Google search.. can’t help but notice that Google is (still) my friend …;)