Exploring New Nepomuk Features in Mandriva Linux 2010 | KDE.news

Interesting and detailed article on Nepomuk, the semantic desktop technology that is already part of the KDE platform: two of the “driving forces” behind the project, explain the Nepomuk features and also those that have already been introduced in Mandriva Linux 2010. One of the many signs of tight connection between Open Source and innovation…

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My G.ho.st desktop

Just played a bit with my account on G.ho.st account, yesterday. Well I got the impression that Virtual Computing is getting more and more “usable” each day: it’s not a simple experiment any more, it’s something that you can really start to use, even if for simple tasks.

It’s quite funny to close a desktop (say) at work, and reopen it at home, on a different computer, to find exactly the same configurations!

Now, if I only could open a bash shell … I know, I’m asking too much (for the moment)…

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