KDE November Updates

Yesterday the KDE team announced the release of a series of updates concerning the Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, KDE Applications and KDE Platforms. In my humble opinion, this excellent desktop environment, notwithstanding its greatness, do suffer a lot for the minor attention that Canonical – which maintain Ubuntu, the most diffused linux distribution – deserve to it, in respect to Gnome (i.e., Kubuntu is clearly not as much developed as Ubuntu). Even if, also Gnome team is somewhat angry with Ubuntu, given the programmed switch to Unity Desktop….


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Ubuntu 9.10 Feature Tour

Ok, as many others, I’m eagerly waiting to update my Ubuntu box. Ubuntu is surely a great distro, no doubts. Anyway, if I can move a critic to the webpage presenting the features of the new system… well, it could be this one: did you realize that almost 90% of the item presented are NOT specific of Ubuntu, but common to almost all modern linux distributions?

I mean, Email and chat (Empathy, Evolution), Internet (Firefox… could you imagine a linux distro without it..?), Photos (F-Spot…).

Admittedly, the purpouse of the page is also to present Ubuntu to people that are not “geek” or linux experts. Anyway, why not to stress a bit more the specific Ubuntu features?

Just my two cents… 😉

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