500 words a day

Every year is a fresh start. Every year is a beginning. The italian writer Cesare Pavese once sad that “The only beautiful thing is in beginning”. So we spend a lot of words in these days about the things we can do or about the many ways we can improve or get better at this or at that… it’s normal, after all. And it’s also fully normal that after some days, once we are fully entered in the new year, we forgot almost every proposal we have done, and go on making our normal life.

Normal life. Exactly. Too often the “normal life” is a life that happens inside our “confort area”, without much surprise: mainly, without a clear commitment to follow our passions, to follow our dreams.

Among the many words spent and red around the change of the year, I was impressed by a plain statement that I red on Jeff Goins’ blog.

This is the year you become a writer.

Simple as that. I was quite impressed because they were exactly the words I wanted to hear. That my heart was waiting for. If I reflect on myself and on my desires, this is probably one of the first thinks I want it to happen.

So what?

Problem is, I have fear. Fear to fail. Fear not to be accepted. Not to be appreciated. I’m always looking for permission. Which is definitively not a good think, you know.

But fear can’t be the last word. Never. I’m always looking for some way to overcome fears, to let my passion flow. So when I red the Jeff’s post about the January challenge, something resonates in me. I immediately thought, this is for me. I’m in.

He is right. This is the first thing a writer must do. He ’s not supposed to worry about the outcome. He must write.

So Jeff, thanks a lot for helping me in pursuing my passion. I dare to say it: this is the year I became a writer.

A writer: that’s to say, a person who write.


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