Reading newspaper…

– Oh. I’m bored! I’m really bored! I wonder why he is not at home yet…

– Be calm, my friend. You must consider that he went out just  a few minutes ago… you should be more patient.

– I understand, but I cannot realize what he have to do. Why does he spend so much time? You know, the newspaper kiosk is so near!

– Right. But what about the possibility he decided to stop at the BAR?

– At the bar? For which reason?

– Well, to have cappuccino for instance! And as usual, he’ll be at home without bringing anything for us, I’m pretty sure!

– Right… and sorry, how can it be different, given that he still think we are just toys?

-Wait, I’ve heard a noise… all silent, please! He is coming… If we are lucky, in a few minutes he will leave the newspaper here in this room…



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