Let’s get colorful!

Admittedly, I cannot escape from feeling a sort of pervasive excitement when Apple finally reveals its new products, as it happened just a few days ago. This time, I was very curious to see the “new” iPhone and mainly to understand if it could be really much better than the classic iPhone 5 (which I own, in passing).

Images credit: Apple website

Now that I realized that the differences between the new phones and mine are not-so-incredible, I can relax a bit… I am just curious, now, to see if this colorful iPhones will be appreciated by the people. The idea seems nice, anyway. On a minor side, I do not like very much the new case that comes with the iPhone.

I choose the color combination of my favorite Italian soccer team, A.S. Roma 😉

In particular, the back side – with all those holes – does not excite me at all. I checked Apple website for specific info about the case: they says that…

From the beginning, the iPhone 5c Case was envisioned as a significant part of the colorful experience. Every detail was meticulously considered…

Well, maybe. Maybe that every details was meticulously considered. But the holes of the cover let you see only a little part of the writing “iPhone” of the back side, and the overall effect seems a bit ugly , at my a first impression.

Ok, I am talking about a detail, I know. The iPhones are high quality products, nothing to say on this side. Anyway, maybe I’m not alone in this perplexity?


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