Unboxing my new iMac…

Finally it arrived! The day before yesterday, I took the box, bringing it at home with me. Heavy, but not that much. In the evening it was still closed. Well with a specific reason, of course: is a sort of gift for my son, and should come as a reward for scholastic achievement. Problem is, the results (at the moment writing) are, at least, controversial. 

At the end, we decided to unbox. I believe that anyone living in a family, as a parent or in any other role, knows quite well that the subtle art of compromise is a necessary quality, indeed often decisive for the proper handling of healthy family relationships. 

Please Dad, let’s unpack it! Just to try if it works… I do not want to play, I promise, I’ll only see if it works .. .. (no one believes, but there it is). 

For me, I was  looking at this large box and I was thinking… ok, I understand all, but it is a shame not to try it …. Moreover, I need  also to see if everything is fine …

Admittedly, the only thing that stopped me – at that point – was a certain amount of laziness: just imagining  the scenario of unpacking, assemble and configure all this stuff.. in a time while you could better stay in bed reading a good book, or sleeping…. or … 

Curiosity killed the cat, anyway, so that the request of my child won on my laziness. I decided to unpack. Hopefully it will be a quick thing. I still have memories of the other computer, the one with Windows. It was a mess. Attach the cables, the monitor, mouse, speakers, then the network cable (and at this point you already are in the midst of a forest of cables, that tend to weave in an exquisitely polymorphic way), then configure it all, then …then …. 

Well, this time it has been different. Boys, it was fast. Very very fast. Just, place the’iMac on your desk, plug it. You’re done. Keyboard and mouse come already configured to work with your brand new iMac (I do appreciate this care for small details). Put your network wireless password. That’s all. A spectacle. And it all works, now.

New, new workspace - 2011
Elegance matters… 

The screen, although only the smaller 21.5” (budget reasons forced me to buy the cheaper iMac, which is more than adequate for the domestic use, at least in my home), is also a spectacle. The computer itself steals very little space. And you have Mac OS X on board. With all the high-class software that you can easily install, often with a moderate expense (and I say this having spent years with Windows and Linux, I think I know rather well what’s around for other operating systems…)

I like. I really like. Elegant, comfortable, not bulky. I’m so glad that this time I did not try to save money, deciding for the classic PC with Windows (on which to carve the mandatory partition for Ubuntu).

What are you saying? Ah yes. Yes, you’re right. I have become quite Mac addicted, at this point. And (what’s worse), I do not regret it.


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